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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Sasha Stoikov

Sasha Stoikov

Founder, Piki; Senior Research Associate, Cornell Tech

Sasha Stoikov is a senior research associate at Cornell Tech on Roosevelt island. His research focuses on music recommendation algorithms and financial data science. He is a founder of Piki, a music app that serves as a focus group for the music industry.

Anyone Can Be a Music Critic: Analyzing Data for Emerging Artists

10/15/21, 4:00 PM

We all know what music we love and what music we are happy to skip. Duke Ellington said that "there are two kinds of music: good music and... the other kind." In this talk, Piki Founder Sasha Stoikov presents how music data is used by music recommendation algorithms weighted to serve well-known artists over lesser-known ones. Sasha will combine Piki data and Spotify data to predict the performance and long-term potential of songs; demo the Piki app interface; and describe how the data collected by Piki can help music professionals value and market their artists. During Mondo.NYC, music labels, publishers and artist managers are invited to try Piki at no charge. The Piki team will be at Drom during Mondo -- stop by and say hello!

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