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Shelly Peiken

Shelly Peiken

Singer-songwriter/author/creators' rights activist

Shelly Peiken is a multi-platinum American songwriter best known for Christina Aguilera’s No. 1 hit, “What a Girl Wants,” and Meredith Brooks’ GRAMMY nominated smash, “Bitch.”

Her book Confessions of a Serial Songwriter, a memoire that chronicles her journey from a young girl falling under the spell of magical songs to writing hits of her own, earned her a second GRAMMY nomination for Best Spoken Word Album.

After decades of writing songs for and with established artists and years of creators’ rights advocacy with SONA (Songwriters of North America), Shelly is thrilled to have recently released an album of her own — 2.0 etc… is a mix of ‘re-imaginations’ of her well-known songs and some personal favorites that have never been heard.

Songwriters Bridging Troubled Waters: Staying Productive During Crazy Times

10/16/20, 7:00 PM

Remember when they said “two weeks?” and we all thought, how will we survive? Well, it’s been seven months and we have. Some of us more easily than others especially because of a passionate creative drive. Four successful songwriters/producers talk about how they’ve stayed engaged and plan to move forward not really knowing what forward looks like. They will inspire!

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