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Thelonious Monk, IV

Thelonious Monk, IV

Founder, Straight No Chaser, LLC

Thelonious Monk, IV is a producer, content creator and founder of Straight No Chaser, LLC. Partnered with his sister, Sierre, and creative director, Julion, Thelonious has taken the initiative to thoughtfully guide his grandfather’s musical legacy through today’s contemporary digital era. Equipped with ownership of a particularly unique catalog of music, Thelonious is constantly reimagining new concepts for music licensing. With the support of his family, Thelonious has learned how to navigate through the industry with a focus on technology and business. Social equity, with special interest in legacy acts and collaboration with multicultural, local and small businesses are extremely important to Thelonious. With previous experience in merchandising and design, recently the Monk estate has sourced a series of artists to produce NFT offerings, to help solidify the preservation and digitization of previously unreleased jazz music, ephemera and memorabilia. For the future, Thelonious envisions a technologically forward community where artists and creators of all mediums can work together seamlessly and aims to push boundaries in innovation while maintaining the integrity and heritage of fine art and jazz.

Artists as Architects: Building, Connecting and Monetizing Music in the Metaverse

10/13/22, 4:00 PM

As the mainstream adoption of gaming, creative social experiences and virtual worlds continues to grow, so does the opportunity for artists to connect, engage and monetize opportunities in the Metaverse. Musicians and their teams are redefining fan interactions by building immersive experiences that reach far beyond traditional social media platforms. This panel will discuss how artists are evolving to grow their audience in the Metaverse and share ideas on the future of the virtual music industry.

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