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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Thom Salisbury

Thom Salisbury

Business Development Manager, Pro Audio, Sennheiser

Thom has a career spanning over 30 years in the professional audio business. First with Ampex in the Hollywood area, then the past 15 years with Sennheiser/Neumann. He has been involved with recording, artist support, major TV shows, awards shows, film productions, RF system design, and more. His knowledge of the industry and technical knowledge of products and workflow have been a valuable asset to his partners in the business.

Immersive Audio and its Potential in Art and Commerce

10/14/20, 10:00 PM

This panel will explore the emerging immersive audio technologies rapidly becoming available to creators. We’ll discuss the creative possibilities and considerations in audio production as well as their impact on the overall consumer experience. We’ll explore available formats and the innovative ways in which distribution companies are getting music to the marketplace.

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