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Vladimir Bautista

Vladimir Bautista

Co-Founder & CEO, Happy Munkey

Born and raised in Hamilton Heights, NYC, Vladimir Bautista is a formidable advocate and leader in the cannabis space. He is the co-founder and managing member of Happy Munkey LLC, an internationally-known NYC lifestyle company that is synonymous with cannabis culture. Vlad is widely recognized for his deep relationships with the international cannabis elite and his successful experience in music, hospitality and event production. Vlad provides corporate cannabis access to the authentic NYC cannabis scene. Under Vlad’s leadership, Happy Munkey hosts popular VIP events that connect politicians, chefs, doctors, influencers, athletes and creative artists with each other based on a mutual love of the plant. Vladimir and his partner Ramon cohost the popular HappyMunkey on the Boulevard podcast where they bring the Happy Munkey to the masses. The podcast features an eclectic mix of guests who run the cannabis gamut from rap stars to CEOs to the founder of the Canadian Securities Exchange and can be found on all major podcast sites. Vlad is a sought-after public speaker at national cannabis conferences and business events and can be reached for events or speaking bookings at

The Future of Cannabis Festivals and Events Presented by High NY

10/15/21, 6:00 PM

With Cannabis legalization sweeping across the East Coast, and COVID-19 concerns still in the air, how can festival and event organizers integrate Cannabis into cutting edge and authentic cultural programming? We intend to discuss the future of Cannabis events and festivals including: considerations for Cannabis activations in a post-COVID world; how mainstream music, food, tech and entertainment events can integrate Cannabis; creating sophisticated and accessible Cannabis experiences for various demographics; how to honor and maintain Cannabis (counter) culture while also bringing it to the mainstream; and what kind of unique new hybrid Cannabis experiences we might see in the next few years.

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