Mondo.NYC Speaker

Jennifer Sellers-Dimitrov

Jennifer Sellers-Dimitrov

Promoter, CEG Presents

Jennifer Sellers-Dimitrov is a seasoned music industry professional with over a decade of live music and event experience. She has produced and promoted hundreds of live concerts ranging from intimate listening rooms to large scale venues. Jen is the Vice President of Operations and Booking with CEG Presents and Nolafunk, a NYC based independent concert promoter. She is also the showcase director for Mondo.NYC, a global business conference and music festival. She has worked with Rebirth Brass Band, Marcus King Band, Twiddle, Dopapod, Becca Stevens and countless emerging artists.

The Booking Panel: Know Your Audience, But Also Know Your Booker

October 15, 2021, 5:00:00 PM

Most music venues have one or two talent buyers or bookers who hold and run their music calendar.

They tend to be portrayed as the gatekeepers or career makers, when in truth they are essential players in the building blocks of an artist's career. As you develop your fanbase, you build your music career. For a touring musician or band, building your booking connections are just as important.

Our booking panelists will discuss their experiences in music discovery and band development. They will speak first hand on how their relationships helped shape indie music scenes, build musicians' careers and create one of a kind music experiences over decades. When you see the concert promoter and buyer as an ally or partner, you tap into a much broader base of resources. And when you find ways to unite your fanbase, you will build a network of real connections.