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Ty Roberts

Ty Roberts

Co-Founder, FanTracks Digital LLC

Ty Roberts has shaped the digital entertainment world since he first began developing games in the 1980s. He went on to be part of the team that created QuickTime; to launching the first interactive albums and other innovative music products with his team at ION for artists including David Bowie, Todd Rundgren and Primus. In 1998, Roberts co-founded Gracenote and served as Chief Strategy Officer for nearly 18 years. Gracenote’s music and TV metadata powered services offered by major CE and Audio companies around the world including iTunes, Comcast, Ford and Mercedes. Roberts guided the company from 3 to 1700 people, ultimately managing $100M P&L as GM of Music before Gracenote was sold to Nielsen in 2016. Roberts then was named the first Chief Technology Officer for Universal Music Group, driving partnerships for Hi-Res Audio streaming, and working with artist teams to develop immersive experiences such as Hologram and Dome. Over the past several years, he has focused on strategic advising for Jay-Z's TIDAL, the award-winning HiFi audio company MQA Ltd. and others. As co-founder of FanTracks Digital LLC, he is now working to transform the live streaming experience to one that delivers the highest levels of music and video production along with immersive, interactive elements that elevate the performances beyond what a traditional live show can deliver.

The Future of Music Production: Immersive vs. Hi-Fidelity Audio

October 13, 2021, 9:00:00 PM

Artists today have many choices for delivering to consumers the amazing sound they create in the studio. Hi-Fidelity Audio is no longer just for audio quality leaders like TIDAL with the major services Apple Music and Amazon Music jumping on board the bandwagon. Why is there a new focus on Immersive sound using Dolby Atmos and Sony360 Reality Audio technology? How do Artists create and distribute in these immersive formats? What kind of audio soundscapes can be created and why? Where can consumers experience these new sonic experiences and what are they saying about them? Our panel of audio experts will discuss the ins and outs of audio in today's streaming multiverse so join us!