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Alisha Outridge

Alisha Outridge

Executive Product & Technology Advisor, CPTO

Alisha Outridge is an Executive Product & Technology Advisor, with 15+ years of experience building and scaling products, teams and platforms in startups and major corporations. She specializes in the
dynamic sectors of technology, entertainment and music.

As an engineer turned product executive, Alisha has demonstrated a strategic acumen in achieving product-market fit for companies exploring emerging “new tech” sectors such as social media and machine-learning-based product development. Her focus areas have included augmented reality (AR), AI, personalization and recommendations.

Alisha held key roles at Facebook, where she co-invented US Patent#10467282, and at iHeartRadio, where she developed music taste profiles and recommendation engines to power personalized radio mixes. Alisha was also Head of Product at KickApps, an award-winning white-label social networking and video platform acquired by KIT digital, and FlyBy Media, a vision AI/augmented reality startup acquired by Apple.

Most recently, she has served in leadership roles such as Chief Product & Technology Officer for WHIM, a brand powering the screens in NYC’s subway stations, and as Chief Technology & Product Officer for TuneCore, building the tools that empower musicians to independently build their careers in today’s music industry.

Currently, as an Executive Product & Technology Advisor, Alisha assists organizations in crafting product strategies, product development and optimizing technical execution at scale. She guides executives and teams in leveraging advanced technologies like Web3, AI and Machine Learning to address challenges and fulfill customer needs effectively. Additionally, she is on faculty in Brown University’s Masters in Technology Leadership Program, mentoring emerging leaders in leveraging technology for organizational innovation and success.

Alisha is passionate about leveraging technology to simplify life, create innovative business models to help people earn a living and amplify human creativity in the digital age’s next wave.

To contact Alisha, message her on LinkedIn at

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