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Cardin Campbell

Cardin Campbell

Founder & CEO, trac

Cardin Campbell is the Founder & CEO of trac, an artist monetization platform, bridging web2 & web3. As a former artist himself and with almost 20 years of experience in technology at companies like Intel, Nike and Peloton, Cardin set out to create a platform that will transform how artists navigate the music industry; maximizing their earning potential while maintaining ownership. Cardin built trac out of passion for artists and to ultimately quantify the impact of music on culture economically.

trac is where the ownership economy and the music industry intersect: a destination where artists and their community grow & earn together. Bridging web2 & web3, trac simplifies the way in which artists make money. It is building a future where an artist and their team(s) can maximize earning potential and scale their fanbase while maintaining ownership.

trac does this with its fully integrated and automated suite of products: unlimited music distribution, on-demand merch, on-demand NFT minting, and insights on what to do next to gain more superfans. trac is the operating system that helps make navigating a complicated music industry easy.

Sell your music. Build your brand. Track your impact.

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