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Jordan Bromley

Jordan Bromley

Partner, Entertainment Group Leader, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP

Jordan Bromley is the leader of Manatt’s entertainment transactions and finance practice. His experience lies in recognizing talented artists, individuals and companies; developing strategies to achieve their long-term success; and protecting their interests by rigorously negotiating and drafting the agreements that form the basis of their business relationships.
Recognizing that creators are no longer limited to the studio but instead are CEOs of a global licensing regime, brand ambassadors and global strategists, Jordan emphasizes that his responsibility is to support and protect their activities in all countries—large and small, developed and developing. This includes structuring global distribution networks and tours, trademark enforcement, and securing opportunities in developing markets. His extensive experience representing creators and owners of intellectual property makes him a strong strategic advisor to companies that use IP in their consumer-facing products or services.
A staunch advocate of creators’ rights, Jordan devises and implements strategies to influence legislation and policy affecting IP in the music industry. He sits on the Board of Directors of the Music Artists Coalition. In this role, Jordan is active in the implementation of the Music Modernization Act, the ongoing reform discussions regarding the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, and various state and local measures that affect music creators, including bringing awareness to their rights to economic relief during the COVID-19 pandemic. Notably, he was the lead negotiator for the music business exemption in California’s employment law AB 5.
Jordan is an authority on the streaming economy. In his 2016 royalty infographic, “U.S. Streaming Royalties Explained,” he provided the first complete picture of how money flows to every participant in the value chain. With over a dozen separate data points, the infographic remains the most comprehensive and accurate existing view of U.S. streaming royalties.
Jordan is also known for his thought leadership. He is frequently published in and quoted by publications covering music issues, such as Billboard, The Hollywood Reporter, Rolling Stone, The Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, Newsweek, The Guardian, The Hill and Financial Times. Jordan has been recognized by Billboard as one of “Music’s Most Powerful Attorneys.”
Prior to becoming an attorney, Jordan co-founded and developed Golden Mean Management, a Bay Area rap label and management, marketing and distribution company. He also co-founded and developed Hip Hop Congress, an international nonprofit organization that uses hip hop music and culture to inspire social and civic action among young people.

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