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Kimberly Knoller

Kimberly Knoller

Chief Marketing Officer, PIXELYNX

Kimberly Knoller is an innovative music marketing and artist development executive. For over a decade, Knoller has been on the cutting edge of helping music artists directly connect to their fans by developing and using new direct-to-fan marketing channels, tools and platforms more effectively.

Kimberly built and ran the first direct-to-fan marketing and engagement team at Warner Records. She worked with artists as diverse as My Chemical Romance, Green Day, Metallica and Josh Groban, helping craft their stories while building and engaging their audience with fan-focused digital marketing and commerce strategies for streaming, ticketing, merch and community building.

Most recently, she was the CMO at SongVest, the first SEC REGA+ qualified music platform for fans to buy fractionalized music royalties by their favorite artists and has held executive marketing roles at Warner, Sony Music, Musictoday and Chrysalis Records-UK.

In addition, as the founder of The Knoller Group, an artist marketing and management organization, her team’s success includes global Top 10 and platinum singles for artists and projects with Warner, Sony and Universal Music, including Echosmiths’ multiplatinum hit “Cool Kids.” Other projects included building the first direct to fan e-commerce platform for Machinima, the first gaming-focused MCN on YouTube.

Knoller has worked directly with Aerosmith, Alice in Chains, Michael Buble, Guns N' Roses, Peter Gabriel, Nirvana, Liz Phair, The Regrettes and many more.

Bridging Physical and Digital Fan Engagements

October 13, 2022, 3:00:00 PM

The metaverse isn’t a single place. Creators need to weave coherent experiences across physical and virtual events to involve their entire audience. This omnichannel approach helps transition existing fans into the ownership economy, where fans get to truly participate in the creative work they love. This panel of experts will deliver practical information and case studies on how to craft interoperable fan engagements through physical touring, virtual events, digital/physical merch and NFT-based passes.