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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Marton Náray

Marton Náray

Director, SoundCzech

Márton Náray has been working in the creative and cultural sector for over 20 years. During this time he had the opportunity to explore the music industry through a 360° viewpoint, as a record store manager, a festival programmer (Sziget Festival, Babel Sound, European Music Day, OZORA Festival, West-Balkan, Akvarium Klub - Budapest), a booking agent, a project manager for a governmental music export agency (Music Export in Hungary and Czech Republic), a conference organizer (regiON, SoundQuest, Overhead, Nouvelle Prague), club promoter, tour manager, musician, radio presenter and of course as a music addict. Since 2017 Marton has worked as the director of the Czech music export office.

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