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Mike Merriman

Mike Merriman

President & Founder, PARR3

In 2013, Mike Merriman created PARR3 LLC to address the need he saw within the entertainment industry for a non-traditional business management model which could accommodate the fast rate of change within the landscape. He has built a team of like-minded young professionals, who desire to provide the best level of service possible to every client they work with. The Parr3 team has worked with hundreds of artists in various stages of their careers.

Mike Merriman has experience working in most corners of the music industry over the last 18 years. From working in management, touring, record promotion and business consulting, Mike has honed a passion for helping the artist manage his or her business affairs efficiently and profitably. Mike provides bottom-line accountability for his clients, making sure finances are fair and accurate every step of the way. He is an active member of his client’s team, partnering with artists and their managers to make sound and informed financial decisions.

"So often accounting is only used to look backwards," says Mike. "We see it as our responsibility to not only keep perfect records, but to reach out to help our clients use this information to make decisions for the future. Amidst the fickle and fast-paced environment of our business, this can be a challenge, but we are strongly committed to a forward-looking practice."

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