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Natalia Nastaskin

Natalia Nastaskin

Partner and Chief Content Officer, Primary Wave Music

In her role as Chief Content Officer at Primary Wave Music Publishing, Natalia is responsible for creating monetizable opportunities across the entertainment and media landscapes for the company’s legendary and iconic artists and music catalogues. This includes development and production of documentary films, scripted projects, stage musicals, podcasts and innovative technology partnerships around Primary Wave’s assets and artists.

Prior to joining Primary Wave Music Publishing, Natalia was General Manager of the Global Music Group at United Talent Agency, where she oversaw a team of over 100 music agents and 150 support staff across six offices and helped establish the group as a leader in talent representation. At UTA, Natalia was instrumental in building out the group’s brand partnership, tour marketing, business affairs and client services divisions, and she played a key role in the company’s acquisition strategy and the creation of a social justice task force.

Recognized as a power player in the music industry, Natalia has received multiple features on Billboard’s annual Women In Music and Power 100 lists, and on Variety’s Women’s Impact lists. Natalia is on the Music Industry Advisory Board for Save The Music Foundation, on the Board of Trustees of the TJ Martell Foundation, and recently served as Executive in Residence at NYU’s Steinhart School of Music Business.

Breaking the Mold: Business Models of the Future

Tuesday, October 10, 2023, 3:00 PM

With new, boundless technology shaping the way companies are formed and operating comes wholly new business models. Our industry has not always been known to quickly shift and adapt; when Napster and streaming first came onto the scene the music industry was rigid -- now we pride ourselves on being fluid and flexible. In this discussion leaders will dissect different emerging business models, management structures and the ways they impact industry collaboration and revenue collection.

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