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Rob Bonstein

Rob Bonstein

VP of Membership, HIFI

Rob Bonstein is VP of Membership at HIFI and a leader who has pushed the music industry forward from roles in major record labels, artist management and touring. Previously Rob led business development for Paradigm Talent Agency's music department after its acquisition of The Windish Agency, where he was an executive in charge of strategy and business development. At The Creed Company he created innovative album and tour marketing campaigns for the Grammy Award-winning artist Bruno Mars, including one of the first Spotify-centric album release campaigns, leading to milestone streaming performance for Unorthodox Jukebox and "Locked out of Heaven" in 2012. He started his career in record labels, including at Epic Records where he created new digital sales forecasts for the finance department and ran the digital marketing team, running release campaigns and web, social and CRM strategies for artists including Shakira, Sade, Ozzy Osbourne, Sara Bareilles, and more. Rob is a previous panelist at SXSW, Digital Music Forum West, ASCAP Expo, GRAMMY Camp, Music Biz and more.

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