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Wendy Laister

Wendy Laister

Founder, Magus Entertainment

Wendy Laister’s career has taken her from London University, where she graduated with first class honors in Psychology, to the music industry, where she currently manages a number of internationally known artists. En route, she spent time in the Public Affairs Department of British Petroleum as an industrial psychologist with the PA Consultancy Group and as Manager of Corporate Press and Public Relations for Richard Branson’s Virgin Group.

In 1986, she formed Laister Dickson, an international press and public relations firm with offices in London and Los Angeles, specializing in the entertainment industry. During her ten years as President her client base grew to include The Rolling Stones, Guns ‘N Roses, Sir Paul McCartney, Janet Jackson, Prince, INXS and Tina Turner, among many others. In addition, she coordinated global press and publicity campaigns for many of the world’s largest televised music event, including Woodstock, Rock in Rio II, Roger Waters’ The Wall in Berlin, the two Nelson Mandela freedom concerts at Wembley Stadium, the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert, The Three Tenors concert series and the Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary Concert from Madison Square Garden.

In 1994 Laister moved into a different part of the business, taking over the exclusive worldwide management of the rock band Aerosmith and forming a new company – Magus Entertainment. During the years that followed, Aerosmith’s enormous popularity continued to grow as she spearheaded successful campaigns around three multi-platinum albums, their first #1 US single, two record-breaking world tours, the launch of an Aerosmith Disney ride and the release of a New York Times best-selling autobiography.

Magus Entertainment currently has offices in New York and a client management roster that includes Duran Duran, Roxy Music, Rozzi, Bret McKenzie, Alec Meza, AI artist Huxley and Ray Cooper.


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