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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Alex Mitchell

Alex Mitchell

Co-Founder & CEO, Boomy Corporation

Alex Mitchell is the co-founder and CEO of Boomy Corporation (, an AI-powered music creation and distribution platform where over a million creators make, share and monetize generative songs. A musician and serial music entrepreneur who previously founded Audiokite Research, Mitchell has worked with a number of music and media brands in consulting and advisory capacities including Artiphon, Shady Records/Goliath Artists, Verifi Media, Infinite Album and others. As an advocate for AI music, Mitchell regularly engages with relevant parties across the music industry and is a frequent speaker on issues related to AI music, including at the US Copyright Office and various conferences.

A Whole New Ecosystem: Creating & Releasing New Music with AI

10/10/23, 9:00 PM

The co-writer of your artist's next big hit or the reason you debut on the charts could be AI. With endless ways artists can collaborate and access beats, samples, tracks and more, we are living in an age of true musical exploration and innovation. The experts on this panel are one step ahead, leveraging these tools or building them and will dig into how they create and how they release new music into the world; where the biggest opportunities lie for creators and their teams; and what’s next on the innovation roadmap.

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