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Mondo CLE 2021:
The Industry in a Post-COVID World
Virtual Panel -- October 15, 2021


Mondo’s CLE program invites attendees to join top music lawyers and thought leaders for an all-day virtual entertainment law seminar addressing some of the biggest legal developments affecting the music industry, including recent court decisions upending fundamental issues, the re-imagining of key policy matters and how multiple aspects of the industry have been affected by – and forced to adapt to – a post-COVID world.


Mondo CLE 2021 Virtual Panel Agenda:  

  • International Deal Making: With Latin and K-pop music infiltrating US pop culture, we believe it is time to take a closer look into the nuts and bolts of deal making in those genres. From recording agreements, publishing agreements, endorsement agreements and the general advantage of cross-cultural collaborations, it is important to understand the distinctions in business models, accounting practices, and strategies, along with the development of multicultural literacy when working with global talent. Join us as a diverse and dynamic group of practitioners with deep knowledge in the area engage in a conversation about important issues pertaining to these exciting and growing markets.

  • Catalog Shopping 2021: The catalog sale market continues to expand and evolve, with existing buyers expanding their holdings, the major labels getting back into acquisitions, and new players emerging on a weekly basis. In addition, the types of assets being acquired, and the deal sizes (both larger and smaller), are broadening in ways never before seen. This panel will discuss these changes in the marketplace and will feature the voices of several prominent buy-side and sell-side experts as they discuss how these changes are affecting the deal-making process.

  • The Risks and Rewards of NFTs in the Music Industry: NFTs continue to present exciting revenue opportunities and novel legal risks for both music industry players and the NFT platforms working with them. This panel will discuss the ever-changing landscape of NFTs in the music industry, touching on the latest developments from a legal perspective, trends in commercial opportunities, and common intellectual property rights and regulatory issues impacting NFT partnerships. This panel will also explore how the NFT explosion may impact royalty and rights tracking in the music industry.

  • Better, Stronger and Recouping Faster: The Super Powers of the Audit: There are few rights in any contract that have the power, the might, or the righteousness of the audit. It has the power to expose human errors, bad business practices, and outdated customs. It can accelerate income, facilitate communication, and expose systemic problems. Audits are essential to good business hygiene and to getting artists paid what they are due, but they are especially important if you are contemplating an asset sale and want to maximize a catalog’s valuation. This panel will discuss when and how to initiate an audit, what to expect during the process, and how you can ensure you are harnessing its full potential to improve your business and its bottom line.

  • Digital Streaming: Envisioning a More Equitable Model: The recent pandemic has led many streaming royalty recipients to take a hard look at their royalty statements and question the fairness of how streaming and other digital royalties are split. This panel will look at the recent UK-based government hearings on this issue, user-centric and other digital payment models, and the laws and regulations which would have to be changed in order to start rebalancing digital royalty payments.

  • Music Litigation Update: From the recording studio to SDKs to virtual worlds and NFTs, litigants and courts are delving more deeply and broadly into novel applications of copyright at the intersection of music and technology. This panel of established litigators will distill recent developments in music litigations, and discuss risk assessment and enforcement strategies in this dynamic and evolving music ecosystem.

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Program day/time: Friday, October 15, 2021, 10am-6pm ET.  Mondo's 2021 CLE program will be presented virtually via Zoom.


Mondo Music & Tech Law Symposium Mandatory Continuing Legal Education Symposium


  • Registration fee:

    • $349.00 Advance Purchase Discount through August 31

    • $399.00 Pre-Registration September 1-October 15

    • $99.00 Student discount fee (program admission only, no CLE credit)

  • Fee includes:

    • Admission to the virtual Music & Tech Law Symposium on Friday, October 15, 2021 + All access admission to Mondo.NYC conference events October 12-15 

    • NY or CA MCLE credits (other than student badges)

    • Written course materials.


CLE 2021 credentials and course materials shall be emailed to all CLE registrants in advance of the seminar.


Six (6) New York credits and five (5) California CLE credits pending approval.


Financial assistance to attend this program may be available. Attorneys who require financial assistance may apply in writing, no later than September 23, 2021, explaining the basis of need, and, if approved, may be offered a discount or scholarship, depending on the circumstances. For more details, please contact joanne@mondo.nyc.


Michael Poster, Esq.

Steering Committee Chair

Michelman & Robinson, LLP

Angela Martinez, Esq.

Chris Zheng

Harvard Law School

Phil Hill, Esq.

Covington & Burling LLP

Adrian J. Perry, Esq.

Covington & Burling LLP

Sonja J. Kim, Esq.

VP, Commercial Counsel

TIDAL at Square

Monika A. Tashman, Esq.

Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP