Harvard Law School Recording Artists Project

Pro Bono Sessions for Independent Musicians

Live Virtual Pro Bono Sessions
October 16, 2020

The Harvard Law School Recording Artists Project (“RAP”) is a student practice organization serving the music community by offering pro bono legal services to local and national musicians. RAP enables Harvard Law students to perform sophisticated, hands-on legal work for clients under the supervision of a licensed attorney. Since its founding in 1998, RAP alumni have gone on to work for and represent artists, indie and major record labels, the Copyright Office, and media companies, and taken their passion for music and entertainment law far and wide across the legal profession.

RAP is excited to again partner with Mondo.NYC in 2020 to answer your most pressing legal questions. We will be available to help address issues important to up-and-coming artists, from copyright protection, to mechanical licensing, to contracts, band agreements, and split sheets.


We will be holding live virtual appointments to meet one-on-one with artists like you and to answer legal questions you bring us.

2020 Organizers

  • Dallin Earl

    Harvard Law School

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