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David Belsky

David Belsky

Founder & CEO, FlowerHire

David Belsky is a 15-year recruiting industry veteran and founder of FlowerHire, an executive talent firm founded out of LA that has become a core building block of the cannabis industry. Quickly rising to leadership and helping to scale a $250 million tech recruiting agency for the majority of his career, Dave followed a couple of mentors in the cannabis industry early and hasn't looked back. Since then, FlowerHire has grown to become the leading bridge-building and talent advisory firm, seeding industry leaders into the companies that are actively shaping the cannabis industry with over 450 placements in 14 states. Dave graduated Cornell University and with a degree in Industrial Relations

Cannabis Jobs

10/15/21, 7:00 PM

The U.S. cannabis industry now supports over 321,000 full-time jobs. With reform efforts increasing, which markets could prove to be the most beneficial to job seekers? After presenting a statistical overview of the current cannabis employment environment and the state of the cannabis economy and related current events, noted author and expert Andrew Ward will lead a spirited discussion on inclusivity, social equity, impact of legalization and the global marketplace. He will be joined by three of the top staffing leaders in the space to discuss how a person can stand out in the most desirable cannabis job markets today and in the near future.

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