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amra presents MusicTech Intensive, Tuesday, 10/15

Grand Ballroom

Tuesday, October 15, 2024, 2:00 PM

Kick off your Mondo 2024 experience with our MusicTech Intensive track hosted by amra, the world’s first global digital music collection society. Join us for an immersive multi-panel seminar addressing the state of the music business at the intersection of money and technology, Tuesday, October 15, followed by our always awesome opening night cocktail party.

The Future of the Music Industry is...Cloud Computing
Building Automated Frameworks in Managing Global Fragmentation
The Importance of Transparency in Music
Who Really Controls and Licenses your Rights?
Global Royalty Streams and Collections – State  of the Industry
Songwriter/Publisher Fireside Chat

amra invites you to experience the future of royalty management with a cutting-edge cloud-based platform redefining how the world's publishers, songwriters and rights-holders manage their earnings.  Learn more at

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