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Covington Presents: Embracing Change and Dealmaking with Generative AI, Deepfakes, and Synthetic Content

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Wenesday, October 16, 2024, 10:00 AM

Covington and Burling LLP presents a three-panel series featuring dealmakers, artists and lawyers shaping the future of the music industry as they grapple with new technologies in the generative AI, deepfake and synthetic content spaces.

Fireside Chat with Adrian Perry: Adrian Perry will conduct a fireside chat with an industry leader on their unique perspectives on the future of the music industry and the role that generative AI deals, deepfakes, and synthetic content will play in that future.

Dealmaking in Generative AI: While battles are fought over generative AI and fair use in the courtroom, others are negotiating deals in the boardroom for the use of music and artist likenesses in generative AI. This panel will feature companies and rights holders that are dealmaking in the generative AI space. Panelists will share why they chose to enter into these deals, what was at stake, key points of negotiation, and hopes for the future of the space.

Turn and Face the Strange: Impacts of New Deepfake and Synthetic Content Legislation: Laws have been passed, and others are being considered, that are aimed at protecting artists from unauthorized uses of their likeness. Public policy and intellectual property experts will weigh in on how these new and potential laws will affect the music industry and enable new dealmaking for synthetic content.

Adrian Perry

Adrian Perry

Partner, Co-Chair of Music Industry Practice, Covington & Burling LLP

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