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Future of Music Creation & Production

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The Future of Music Production track returns with a suite of panels analyzing how the broad impact of technology is dramatically changing the music creation and distribution process, from how creators make and monetize their works to how listeners experience music and engage with their favorite artists. The track is curated by Daniel Rowland, Head of Partnerships & Strategy for LANDR.

The Reinvention of Remote Collaboration
The tumultuous events of the Pandemic era have necessitated a re-evaluation of real-time and asynchronous collaboration solutions. Songwriting and music production present a unique challenge here, both technically and with regard to UX. Get the latest from leaders on the cutting edge of collab.

Intelligent Creator Tools: Friend or Foe?
AI powered tools are inspiring a whole new generation of creators, lowering both financial and knowledge barriers to music making. For that same reason these tools are also controversial, as they disrupt the traditional process of creation and collaboration, along with raising potential IP concerns. Hear from companies building the future of intelligent creator tools.

Adaptive Music: Reimagining Our Role As Listeners
Is music in a fixed form a thing of the past? Imagine music that adapts dynamically to our mood and surroundings, whether in real world or digital environments. With their recent acquisitions, companies like Apple see a future here. Join this panel of experts as they discuss the state of adaptive music.

Immersive Audio: It’s Everywhere!
Stereo’s reign as the audio dominant format could be on shaky ground. With the proliferation of immersive creator tools and improvements in consumer technology, formats like Dolby Atmos and Sony 360RA are taking off. Hear from the immersive experts.

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