Metaverse, Music & NFTs

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Pioneering digital tech and music/entertainment innovator Ty Roberts, Co-founder/CEO FanTracks Digital LLC, curates “Metaverse, Music & NFTs,” Mondo’s inaugural day-long intensive seminar delving into how the ever-evolving Metaverse and NFT landscape is impacting the music business and related creative, tech, finance and legal sectors, creating unprecedented opportunities for all. You’ll join industry leaders addressing the commercial opportunities and challenges across these important topics:

What is Music’s Role in the Metaverse?
How will Artists Appear Virtually?
What the Monetization Model for Music in the Metaverse?
Is the Metaverse VR/AR or both?
NFT Market Overview Keynote
How Defi is Changing the Exploding Landscape for Creative Projects
Breakthrough Artist/Entrepreneur Interview
Marketing – Building Your NFT Community and Getting Noticed: Ticketing, Gaming & More
What’s Next in Crypto Collectibles?
NFT Platforms & Exchanges
Generative Music and Programmable Art
NFT Music Rights
Library: NFT Gallery