The New (Virtual) Concert Ecosystem: Navigating Opportunities In Livestreaming & VR

Greenpoint Room

Tuesday, October 13, 2020, 7:00:00 PM UTC

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David Hazan

It’s been 6+ months since any of us have been to a real concert, and the bar for what music fans expect from virtual concerts and livestreams continues to lift higher and higher. That’s why the need for virtual and livestreamed experiences that provide high production value and elements of the “real world” will only grow stronger as lockdown lengthens. We’ll hear from four thought leaders who are bringing this new concert paradigm to life.

David Hazan

Founder, DLH Strategic Marketing

Claire Seidler

Co-founder, COO/CMO, Stage Inc.

Jordan Udko

EVP Revenue, Maestro

Tim Westergren

Co-Founder, Sessions

Ty Roberts

Co-Founder, FanTracks Digital LLC