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Mondo.NYC 2020 Showcase Artist

Dream Prescription

Dream Prescription

New York

October 15, 2020 at 11:00:00 PM

Dream Prescription is Tim Robert (vocals/guitar) and Kent Friedman (synthesizer). Tim and Kent met playing NYC dance clubs as DJ/producers whose original music had separately created stirs in the international electronic scene. Called “one of the USA’s brightest stars” by Release Promo DJ Pool, Tim appeared at the prestigious Amsterdam Dance Event festival, while Kent was the first American producer to release psychedelic trance on vinyl in the United States.

Now together, Tim and Kent combine their instrumental abilities, songwriting skills and DJ/producer experience into the dark wave sounds of Dream Prescription. Their artful and infectious songs infuse postpunk and electronica with 21st century energy, as sharply drawn dramatizations of modern urban existence are framed by propulsive synthesizers and unstoppable grooves. Combining this creative power with their DJ backgrounds, their live shows always bring the party.

Why doesn’t the real world live up to the world of dreams? Are our dreams what they should be? How can we know what we want in the face of the bizarre distortions of modern society? Dream Prescription drives headlong into these questions with electronic music for the future: the hypnotic sound of dimly lit underground nightclubs where denizens of the sleepless metropolis come to escape the chaos in the streets.

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