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Mondo.NYC 2020 Showcase Artist

Jackie Venson

Jackie Venson


October 17, 2020 at 1:00:00 AM

Obsessed with music from an early age, singer/songwriter Jackie Venson immersed herself in its study, attending the Berklee College of Music to practice classical piano. However, it wasn’t until she switched to the electric guitar, that her long-simmering passion for emotive live performance was realized. Abandoning the straight-laced world of classical for the raw power of blues and soul, Venson has since been tirelessly honing her skills into an intoxicating amalgam of Blues, Rock, R&B and Soul with deeply heartfelt lyrics. Her new album ‘Vintage Machine’ is set to release in fall 2020, it showcases her passion for integrating new musical technology, authentic sounds, and intricate arrangements.

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