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Mondo.NYC 2021 Showcase Artist




October 13, 2021 at 12:30:00 AM

Mondo Live Stream

20 year old Echezona is the quintessential artist of today, a multi-lingual singer, rapper and writer. His recent release “Galileo” was chosen for the soundtrack of the EASports 2K21 basketball game, received ESPN TV airplay, and has garnered regular FM commercial radio airplay on Boston's #1 hip hop station iHeart Radio’s 94.5. Additionally, Echezona was co-branded by the NBA when Echezona and Galileo were featured in its Earned Jersey promotional campaign. Hip hop, afrobeat, R&B, pop or a fusion of all four, the word most commonly used to describe Echezona is unique and his sound, different. Echezona has other special qualities as well. He’s a dynamic live performer (in person and streaming) and captivating and charismatic interview subject. He’s an eloquent and well-informed public speaker, and creator of the social media series (now available on YouTube) the Books of History, Show Me What You Got, and Ten Toes Down (commentaries on social issues and bios of great public figures). He’s Boston’s best free-style rapper, displaying quick-wit, deep vocabulary and intelligent flow. A son of America and a son of Africa, Echezona is a blend of cultural experiences. Nigerian-American, Echezona was born and raised in urban Boston Massachusetts and grew up immersed in US hip hop and Nigerian culture and music; he sometimes even laces the Nigerian Igbo language into his own music. A cultural beacon, Echezona is uniquely one-of-kind and relatable with fans and followers worldwide in America, Canada, Africa, Europe, Australia and Asia. Echezona epitomizes the best of today’s artists: savvy, interesting, resilient, driven. And, yes, supremely talented and different.

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