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Mondo.NYC 2021 Showcase Artist


I Mean Us

New Taipei City, Taiwan

October 14, 2021 at 2:00:00 AM

Mondo Live Stream [Taiwanese Waves Showcase]

I Mean Us (IMU) is one of the most iconic indie pop bands from Taiwan. The line up consists of male and female vocals, guitars, synthesizer, bass and drums.

Having been greatly influenced by Sigur Rós, M83 and Agnes Obel, their music not only has the main structure of dream pop, but also combines multiple music styles such as post rock, psychedelic rock, shoegaze and classical music. They cultivate their signature ethereal sound with plentiful music elements and one of a kind effects.

After releasing the first debut album OST in 2018, IMU started performing in many international music showcases including SXSW, MusicMatters, Zandari Festa and City Roar Festival. They accomplished their Asia Tour and began to build fan base worldwide.

In 2020, IMU released two new singles and they’re ready to start a new journey with their next album in 2021.

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