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Mondo.NYC 2021 Showcase Artist


Julie's Haircut

Sassuolo, Italy

October 14, 2021 at 11:00:00 PM

Mondo Live Stream

Active since the late '90s, Julie's Haircut is a band from Emilia in northern Italy, devoted to spacey, hypnotic sounds. Through a series of albums and EPs, the band’s music has evolved from the garage-rock soulful energy of their debut to more experimental grounds, reaching a kaleidoscopic eclecticism that spans rock and psychedelia, from electronic to minimalism with echoes of jazz, ethnic, dub and drone music. They have been making music with Damo Suzuki, Sonic Boom, Philip Corner, Valerio Cosi and more. Their new album "In The Silence Electric" was released in 2019 by Rocket Recordings.

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