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Mondo.NYC 2024 Showcase Artist

The Flabbies

The Flabbies


Thursday Live Stream

The Flabbies was formed in 2015 in İstanbul by childhood friends Oguz Kont and Sarp Daglar Sahin. After working on different projects together for over ten years, the duo released their first single "Gentrification" in 2015, followed by a three-song EP, which introduced a style like no other in Turkey. After the EP they released their seven-song album Back in Town. With the album drawing significant media attention, they started to perform concerts and appeared as guests on several programs. Wanting to take their music to a different point during the pandemic, they recorded a song while being apart for the first time and dropped their single "Under the Sun" in 2020. After "Under the Sun," Oguz Kont and Daglar worked on a brand new format and at the end of 2021 started recording their new album. Switching from a duo to trio with Can Sürmen taking over the drums in 2022, The Flabbies accelerated their work.

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