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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Alexandria Davis

Alexandria Davis

CEO, Creative Minds Artist Management

Alexandria Davis (she/her) is an ambitious creative from Chattanooga, Tennessee. She graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a Bachelor of Science in Music Business. Davis learned at an early age—that being a lifelong learner is essential in all aspects of life. With this knowledge, she became a self-motivating entrepreneur and started her first business Creative Minds Artist Management Company, to represent and advocate for independent artists. Davis's mission is to mold and shape history with every step she takes toward her passion for helping others.

Keychange US Presents: Raising the Bar in Music Tech by Women and Gender-Expansive Innovators

10/12/23, 7:00 PM

Join trailblazers in tech, music and innovation to learn how diversity can level up your business and drive innovation, team skills and profits in the workplace. Meet and learn from the inspiring journeys and expertise of six women and gender expansive professionals in the 2023 Keychange U.S. Talent Development Program who are at the top of their game in music tech and innovation.

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