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Andreea Magdalina

Andreea Magdalina


Andreea Magdalina is a connector. Currently between Los Angeles and London, her work is rooted at the intersection of music and technology with a focus on empowering women through her role as the founder & CEO of, a social enterprise she founded in 2014 to empower women and gender minorities in the music industry. Andreea is an experienced speaker on topics such as music and brand partnerships, business development, brand strategy, building community, marketing, and diversity & inclusion. She has spent the past three years working with creative agencies to develop digital-first content, technology products and strategic partnerships for global brands. As of May 2019, she is focusing on her role as CEO at in addition to consulting for music, technology and culture-forward clients.

Explainability and Transparency: Leading with Compassion in the Workplace

10/16/20, 6:00 PM

Futurist Amy Webb is quoted by saying "explainability and transparency are the two most important functions of great workplace leadership," We couldn't agree more. Hear from the workplace culture experts as we explore what the future of workplace leadership and inclusive culture should look like.

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