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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Antonino Abbate

Antonino Abbate

Founder & CEO, Onlytech Industries

Antonino was born in Sicily, where he got a university degree in Science Information Technology. After university, he moved to Rome and started working as cybersecurity and operations consultant for large firms in telecom, banking and government. In 2015, he started to work for a ticketing company based in San Francisco and after a few years, he decided to open The I, which provides consulting services in cybersecurity and DevOps. From this experience and thanks to all his collaborators, he opened a second company, Onlytech Industries, which is focused on creating products using blockchain.


Artists, Labels & NFTs: Onlymusix Deconstructs the NFT Marketplace

10/13/22, 8:00 PM

After a tumultuous year-plus, NFTs are still on everyone's lips, though much confusion still surrounds the NFT ecosystem and the implications it can have for music, art and more. Who are its stakeholders and what are its underlying technologies? How is Web3 is changing the music industry? This panel addresses creating and selling NFTs, music royalties, management of shareholders and much more. Referencing Onlymusix use cases, we’ll explore the platform and the new opportunities its technology offers, with a few surprises for participants. After the panel, please join us for drinks!

Onlymusix is an NFT marketplace for music, launched in February 2022 by Italian startup Onlytech Industries. Onlymusix aims to be a hub for musician and music stakeholders, a secure and reliable place to create and buy music-related NFTs, and to exploit the opportunity of Web3. Designed and developed around artists and industry players, Onlymusix offers unique features specifically designed for the music industry, including POAP NFTs, label accounts, shareholder management, and more. Please visit for more information.

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