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Bill Silva

Bill Silva

Founder & CEO, Bill Silva Entertainment

Bill Silva is a Los Angeles-based American entrepreneur, entertainment executive and investor. Bill’s passions include live music, innovative investment and technology, travel and exploration. He has an insatiable curiosity for connecting seemingly unrelated cultures and people to create new opportunities. Bill's companies have: produced concerts at the Hollywood Bowl on an exclusive contract since 1991; managed artist careers such as Linkin Park, Jason Mraz, Van Morrison; promoted tours for Dr. Dre ("Up In Smoke"), Kylie Minogue; helped jumpstart market leading ventures in fashion, modeling agencies, and new technologies to aid creators.

CLE: Riddles, Risks and the Road Back to Live: Legal Issues in Live Entertainment

10/16/20, 8:00 PM

What is the only thing that the medical experts, government officials, big thinkers, entrepreneurs, and most of the general public can agree on? That an indoor live show will be the signal that things have returned to pre-pandemic normal. The riddle that we will puzzle out is how do we get there and what will it take? We will explore COVID-19 transmission risks and liability associated with live events, the success or failure of the latest mitigation and containment efforts, the challenges of routing tours through ever shifting government mandates, shutdowns, and hotspots, the privacy issues associated with various risk mitigation measures, the changing economics for all stake holders, the use of technology in venues and the evolving role of virtual reality, and the possibilities and pitfalls of re-imagining the venue, the performance and the live experience.

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