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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Burr Eckstut

Burr Eckstut

Special Counsel, Covington & Burling LLP

Burr Eckstut advises clients on legal matters involving technology, data and media, with a focus on negotiating strategic commercial agreements for IP licensing, technology services, joint ventures and outsourcing.

Burr has particular expertise in Fintech. He is co-chair of Covington’s Fintech Initiative and has worked extensively on matters involving financial market data, trading platforms, digital assets, blockchain technology, digital banking and payment systems.

In addition, Burr has significant experience advising clients in a range of other industries including Digital Health, Advertising, and Connected Transportation, and he has developed broadly applicable expertise in data licensing, data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The Risks and Rewards of NFTs in the Music Industry

10/15/21, 4:00 PM

NFTs continue to present exciting revenue opportunities and novel legal risks for both music industry players and the NFT platforms working with them. This panel will discuss the ever-changing landscape of NFTs in the music industry, touching on the latest developments from a legal perspective, trends in commercial opportunities, and common intellectual property rights and regulatory issues impacting NFT partnerships. This panel will also explore how the NFT explosion may impact royalty and rights tracking in the music industry.

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