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Charlie Phillips

Charlie Phillips

Managing Director, PTR Strategic Ltd

PTR Strategic Ltd is a specialist music rights and advisory service set up and operated by Charlie Phillips. PTR’s clients include record companies, music licensing organisations, music associations, law firms and established artists.

Charlie is an England & Wales qualified solicitor based in London. He is a recognised expert on the interaction between music rights and data in complex cross border contexts. He has particular experience in international performance rights (aka “neighbouring rights”) issues as they affect holders of rights in sound recordings and artists.

Charlie spent the last decade representing the independent recording sector at industry level, running the global association Worldwide Independent Network (WIN). In this role his advice and intervention secured many millions of dollars of performance rights revenues to multiple right holder companies and artists around the world.

His tenure at WIN culminated in the launch of the IFPI/WIN Repertoire Data Exchange service, a critical piece of global infrastructure which acts as a single point of data entry from record companies to collective management organisations around the world. RDx is also the first joint venture between the independent sector and IFPI.

Prior to this role, Charlie was Director of Legal Affairs at the UK’s Association of Independent Music (AIM), and legal adviser at IFPI.

Before his legal training and qualification, Charlie’s early career was in broadcast and digital media, with management roles at Napster, and five years as Head of Music for Capital Radio’s DAB music services.

He has a lifelong involvement in music production and recording. He started his career as a recording studio engineer at H20/Hilton Sound in South London, working with notable artists on various projects, including Radiohead on the location recording of their “Kid A” and “Amnesiac” albums.

In addition to his consultancy work, Charlie continues to produce and release electronic music. He also helps producers and artists on a pro bono basis with navigating their way through the industry.

Charlie’s first degree was in Egyptology and Akkadian from Oxford University, and he retains an active interest in the history and cultures of the Middle East.

There’s My Rights, Your Rights, and Neighboring Rights

10/12/21, 4:00 PM

Neighboring rights are as important as they are complex. Their value as an alternative revenue stream for artists and labels has grown, particularly in 2020 and 2021 as the pandemic robbed creators of live performance opportunities. Join leading legal minds and subject matter experts including SoundExchange’s Senior Director of International, Ryan Lehning, to get insights into the legal dynamics of neighboring rights, the market size, how it translates to business opportunities, and an overview of developments that could affect your income. The panel will close with Q&A and thoughts for the future of international treatment.

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