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Chris Horton

Chris Horton

SVP Strategic Technology, Universal Music Group

Chris Horton, SVP Strategic Technology, leads Universal Music Group’s Office of Strategic Technology, which is responsible for the technology aspects of digital partner deals and for long-term strategic technology projects and policy. Chris has worked on UMG’s digital distribution deals for more than 20 years, including on the first successful download and subscription services.

Chris and his team collaborate with technology companies on the development of new music-related products and services, including high-resolution audio, stem-based formats, music-related AI, NFTs & web3, AR/VR projects, anti-piracy and more. He has developed and co-founded various music industry standards and standards bodies, including DDEX. He currently coordinates UMG's AI Task Force and UMG's AI Review Team.

Chris received his undergraduate and M.Eng. degrees in computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he focused on AI.

CLE 2023: Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing: Hot Topics in Generative AI in the Music Industry from Neural Networks to Fake Drake

10/13/23, 7:00 PM

Generative AI has been the hottest topic in the last several months from board rooms to dinner parties. Our panel will discuss this new technology’s impact on the music industry, and will address topics such as copyright, rights of publicity and privacy, contracts and licensing, and overall policy.

The Well-Trained Model: Ethically Sourced AI for Artists

10/11/23, 9:00 PM

How does an artist know what dataset the AI tool they are using was trained on, and whether their own music was used? A discussion of how AI is trained, and the future of attribution and compensation for artists.

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