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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Dan Mackta

Dan Mackta

Managing Director, Qobuz

As VP of Marketing at Jive Records and RCA Records, Dan Mackta
oversaw all projects for artists as diverse as Cage the Elephant, Weird Al and Buddy Guy. He also served as head of marketing for independent powerhouse labels Eleven Seven Music and Razor and Tie Records. Dan joined Qobuz in 2018. He assembled a small but dedicated team in the USA and in February of 2019 they launched this French Hi-Res music service in this country.

Content Curation and Filtration: Signal vs. Noise

10/12/22, 5:00 PM

Over 60,000 new tracks are being released each and every day. With so much content available, it can be easy to get lost in the woods. Where are we supposed to begin when trying to find music that suits our wants and needs? Further yet, how are we supposed to filter through the millions upon millions of songs that are out there? Is it possible to make sure what's being played in school, in the gym, in stores, or in the car is appropriate while still being engaging?

About LyricFind:

LyricFind is the world leader in lyric licensing and data services. With over 16 years in business, LyricFind is trusted by the top companies in the industry like Amazon, Google, YouTube, Deezer, Xperi and Pandora. LyricFind provides its partners with an extensive catalog of accurate and fully legal lyrics, licensed from all major publishers, as well as 10,000 other publishers and performing rights organizations around the world.

LyricFind’s in-house premium reporting infrastructure properly tracks and pays royalties to songwriters and rights holders on a song-by-song and territory-by-territory basis. Lyricfind has also created Lyric IQ which is a unique data set that uses a mix of AI and manual analysis to provide a deeper understanding of music through lyrics. Recently, LyricFind launched Lyric Videos, a platform that generates lyric videos in just seconds.

Listening's New Frontier: How Advances in Audio Quality Inspire Creators and Reward Music Fans

10/15/20, 3:00 PM

It’s 2020 and you don’t have to sacrifice quality for convenience when enjoying music anymore. Hear top music and audio creators discuss the importance of lossless and high resolution formats to their process. How do new services that support delivery of studio level sound to an engaged consumer present opportunities for innovation around an authentic music experience? The connection between the artist’s original vision and the fan’s ears has never been stronger.

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