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Danny Newcomb

Danny Newcomb

CEO & Co-Founder, Incantio

Danny Newcomb has over 35 years of experience in the music business as a songwriter, performer, lead guitarist and singer, and with that experience he brings a keen understanding of what artists need to support their craft in today’s music economy. Forming his first band with Mike McCready (later of Pearl Jam) in high school, signing as a writer to Atlantic records in the 1990s, and then becoming a solo artist in the 2000s, Danny has watched the music industry from the inside out as it reinvents itself, implodes and then reinvents itself again. As Danny observes, “We are in an unprecedented time for artists – a time where we have the technology for artists to really be truly independent. With the current abilities for tracking creative ownership and the huge appetite for recorded music, we can seize the opportunity to create a brand-new music economy that benefits music creators and their counterparts in the video/digital world, the content creators.” Now as CEO and co-founder of Incantio, Danny is building a two-sided marketplace for independent music that uses AI to curate and catalog uploaded tracks, and then deploys these features to recommend music to content creators, advertisers, film editors and music supervisors. By partnering with three key players – Ben Goertzel, CEO and visionary founder of the AI company SingularityNET; APM, one of the largest private music catalogs in the world; and AIMS Api, one of the best designers of music catalog search engines – Incantio has harnessed the dataset to build and create new catalog and recommendation tools that will change the face of music discovery, while providing the creative work of independent artists to people that use music in visual art and commerce.

AI in Music Licensing: How Independent Artists Can Use Incantio for AI Recommendations

10/10/23, 5:15 PM

A discussion on what the digital era of AI-driven music licensing means for independent artists. Community plus autonomy and how AI and ML can sort granular data on demographics and location and why that might be important to users of music and why it may help us discover more music in a human way.

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