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Erica Rosa

Erica Rosa

VP Royalties & Contract Compliance, Flood Bumstead McCready & McCarthy

As the head of royalties at FBMM Erica leads the royalty group in providing services such as profit participation audits, record and publishing royalty audits, merchandising audits and record label administration services. She plays a pivotal role in copyright catalog sales and works closely with business managers, client attorneys and managers to strategize ways to improve royalty deal structures and contracts.

The Future of Financial Rights: In Detail: Innovation in Business Management

10/14/21, 5:00 PM

The financial mechanics of the music industry have never moved faster. As artists, producers and songwriters collaborate more than ever and release cycles continue to accelerate in order to feed an increasingly algorithmic industry, the most innovative business management firms have needed to evolve in lockstep with those realities. These experts will dig into the increased focus on royalties while the touring industry revs back up and how artists demand more transparent viewpoints into increasingly diverse and complex earnings portfolios, among other shifts in the business management landscape.

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