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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Ethan Millman

Ethan Millman

Staff Writer, Rolling Stone

Ethan Millman is a Los Angeles-based staff writer at Rolling Stone, focusing on the music industry. He closely follows emerging business trends along with the technology pushing music forward and empowering artists amid the industry’s ongoing, redefining digital revolution.

The Future of Music Consumption – A Fireside Chat with Mike Huppe and Rolling Stone’s Ethan Millman

10/12/21, 3:00 PM

As the economics of listening evolve, so must the industry. This discussion will be around the future of music in the digital-first world as we strive to create a more simple, efficient and creator-friendly future. There will be a deep dive into the technology, systems and services necessary to scale the industry in the years to come as it reaches historic revenue levels. Viewers will gain key insights on how SoundExchange and the industry at large are leveling up for the next decade and beyond of success.

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