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Howard Ouyang

Howard Ouyang

Music Supervisor, AIVA

Raised in Taiwan and having lived in Taipei, Shanghai, Chicago and now in New York City, Howard is a composer, music producer, and mixing engineer with over eight years of experience in record production/engineering and scoring for films and video games. His multicultural upbringing provided him with opportunities to collaborate with independent artists from around the world, primarily Chicago, New York City, Singapore, and Taipei. He holds a BFA in Sound Art from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and MM in Music Technology from New York University, the latter of which inspired him to embark on a journey into the world of generative music. This ultimately led him to AIVA, where he currently works as the Music Supervisor on developing the company's latest AI-powered, intelligent music generation tool known as Generation Profiles, with the goal of maximizing personalization in the musical composition generation process.

Aside from his current role at AIVA, Howard can also be seen playing at venues around the city with Brooklyn-based indie rock act Her Dark Heaven or P.H.0, a music collective founded by Howard aiming to redefine ethnic East Asian musical elements in modern music, specifically in the experimental and industrial electronic genres.

Future of Music Creation & Production: Intelligent Creator Tools: Friend or Foe?

10/12/22, 7:00 PM

AI powered tools are inspiring a whole new generation of creators, lowering both financial and knowledge barriers to music making. For that same reason these tools are also controversial, as they disrupt the traditional process of creation and collaboration, along with raising potential IP concerns. Hear from companies building the future of intelligent creator tools.

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