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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Janet Adams

Janet Adams

COO, SingularityNET

Janet Adams, Chief Operating Officer of SingularityNET, is a disruptive tech advocate and decentralized AI expert with published works on Ethics and Regulation of AI. Janet’s leadership role at SingularityNET entails responsibility for decentralization, operations, technology, marketing, strategic partnerships and business development.

Prior to joining SingularityNET in 2021, Janet held global leadership roles in banking risk, regulation and technology, and she founded the industry’s first Conduct Framework for AI to guide the financial services industry towards use of AI in a way that benefits customers and societies. Janet is dedicated to positive impact and in 2019 founded a Women in AI informal group of executive female leaders to assess and help to mitigate against the negative impact of AI on women’s jobs, particularly in developing markets. Janet is also passionate about contributing to progress in Africa via AI for speech translation and supporting musicians.

AI-Generated Music vs. Human: Can We Tell the Difference?

10/10/23, 8:00 PM

Can AI music trigger the same type of feelings we get when we listen to our favorite songs or beats? We discuss this fascinating topic.

AI Think Tank

10/10/23, 6:15 PM

This is your chance to voice your opinion on the impact of AI in the music industry. Open your mind and let us know what you think. Don’t be shy!

Making Sure the AGI Revolution is Beneficial for Musicians and Their Fans

10/10/23, 2:00 PM

As AI approaches and in some ways exceeds human capability, what AI tools should be created to promote emergent human-machine creativity?

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