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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Jeff Pulver

Jeff Pulver


Jeff Pulver helped change the way the world communicates. The passing of The Pulver Order by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in 2004 helped set the stage for a world where today consumers can communicate openly and freely.

Jeff is an internet pioneer in the field of VoIP: Founder, Co-Founder Vonage, and a number of other companies including most recently The Pulver Agency. Jeff is an entrepreneur, investor, oracle, futurist, advisor and astrophotographer. During 2020 Jeff has launched a number of internet TV talk shows including: Conversations with Jeff, The Soundtrack and Ask The Oracles. Jeff also hosts real-time passion-based networking communities known as Zula.

Be Present Everywhere: International Marketing & Development Connections

10/13/20, 6:00 PM

This will be a unique opportunity to virtually meet many of the main international collaborators around the globe. They are all dedicated to the music community and have developed music conferences, export and indie music offices, platforms, companies and organizations for fans, artists and related industry execs. Learn what they do, who they are and how to connect with them and their networks in order to forward your mission and to be present everywhere. Vote!

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