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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Joe Barham

Joe Barham

CEO & Co-Founder, HIFI Labs

Joe Barham is Founder & CEO of HIFI Labs, a creative incubator and artist mentorship collective that builds artist-owned, community-powered futures for musicians. Fueled by Web3 tech and innovation, the company’s mission is to achieve an equitable and sustainable music economy. Since its inception, HIFI Labs has partnered with legendary and emerging artists and their teams including Interpol, David Lynch, RAC, Poppy, Dove Cameron, Bruce Springsteen, 88Rising and more. Before HIFI Labs, Barham was Patreon’s Head of Music, the largest direct to fan artist membership platform in the world.

NFT Success: Strategies for Funding and Creating Superfans

10/13/22, 5:00 PM

Implementing modern technology to produce studio quality music in your basement is now table stakes. The modern musician is tasked with understanding the full scope of their business, evolving from artist to owner-operator. In this session you will learn about accessing capital based upon your streaming listens and leveraging new release and marketing strategies to create superfans.

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