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Joe Conyers

Joe Conyers


Joe Conyers III is Executive Vice President and Global Head of NFT at where he has worked with the likes of Snoop Dogg, F1 Aston Martin, Boy George and more. Joe is a strategic advisor and former Chief Strategy Officer of Downtown Music Holdings, a global music and technology holdings company with nearly 600 employees operating in 23 markets on six continents and annual revenue of approximately $500MM. Joe is the Co-Founder of its subsidiary Songtrust. Joe was named a Digital Power Player by Billboard Magazine four times consecutively.

The Risks and Rewards of NFTs in the Music Industry

10/15/21, 4:00 PM

NFTs continue to present exciting revenue opportunities and novel legal risks for both music industry players and the NFT platforms working with them. This panel will discuss the ever-changing landscape of NFTs in the music industry, touching on the latest developments from a legal perspective, trends in commercial opportunities, and common intellectual property rights and regulatory issues impacting NFT partnerships. This panel will also explore how the NFT explosion may impact royalty and rights tracking in the music industry.

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