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John Riley

John Riley

Assistant General Counsel, U.S. Copyright Office

John Riley is an Assistant General Counsel at the Copyright Office where he has contributed to the United States Government’s briefs in the Petrella and Aereo Supreme Court cases and the Thaler artificial intelligence litigation, the Copyright Small Claims and Copyright and the Music Marketplace policy reports, and, among other regulatory work, has authored rules implementing the Music Modernization Act, Copyright Alternative in Small-Claims Enforcement (“CASE”) Act of 2020, and the GRAM registration option.

Prior to joining the Copyright Office in 2013, John worked as the Senior Manager of Intellectual Property Enforcement at the United States Chamber of Commerce’s Global Intellectual Property Center. He earned his LL.M. in Intellectual Property Law from The George Washington University Law School and his JD from the Dickinson School of Law. He has been recognized by the American Intellectual Property Law Association for his distinguished service and contributions in the field of intellectual property law.

Turn and Face the Strange: Impacts of New Deepfake and Synthetic Content Legislation

10/16/24, 4:00 PM

Laws have been passed, and others are being considered, that are aimed at protecting artists from unauthorized uses of their likeness. Public policy and intellectual property experts will weigh in on how these new and potential laws will affect the music industry and enable new dealmaking for synthetic content.

Everything You Need to Know About Music Policy in About an Hour

10/13/21, 7:00 PM

Leading policy experts discuss the major issues in music in 2021. From pandemic relief for creators and live venues to protection of new revenue streams -- the industry has adapted, innovated and partnered in ways never seen to deliver music to fans. Join an elite panel of Washington policymakers and advocates for a discussion on what to expect from Congress and the Biden Administration as the music industry continues to play a significant role in the culture and economy.

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