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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Karibi Dagogo-Jack

Karibi Dagogo-Jack

Head of Music Partnerships, Roblox

Karibi Dagogo-Jack is the Head of Music Partnerships at Roblox, where he oversees and builds strategic relationships with the world’s leading artists, labels, managers, publishers and producers.

Prior to joining Roblox, he was at Spotify as their Head of Music Business Development where he was responsible for pursuing strategic opportunities for the company’s playlists and artist programs, as well as driving benefits to the company’s artist, songwriter, producer, label and publishing partners.

Before Spotify, Karibi led business development for Interscope Records following BD leadership roles at Maker Studios and Fullscreen.

Karibi earned an MBA from NYU where he was the Alvin Lieberman Faculty Scholar for Entertainment, Media, and Technology.

Artists as Architects: Building, Connecting and Monetizing Music in the Metaverse

10/13/22, 4:00 PM

As the mainstream adoption of gaming, creative social experiences and virtual worlds continues to grow, so does the opportunity for artists to connect, engage and monetize opportunities in the Metaverse. Musicians and their teams are redefining fan interactions by building immersive experiences that reach far beyond traditional social media platforms. This panel will discuss how artists are evolving to grow their audience in the Metaverse and share ideas on the future of the virtual music industry.

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