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Mondo.NYC Speaker

Kirt Debique

Kirt Debique

CEO & CTO, SyncFloor

Kirt Debique is the CEO & CTO of SyncFloor, a B2B platform providing licensed access to high-quality commercial music for use by businesses and creators. Built around the concept of natural language music search, SyncFloor has created an intuitive and innovative engine for music discovery, and the patented SyncFloor platform connects customer websites, services and applications to music from the world's best labels and publishers. The company is also the maker of SongsForPodcasters, a modern podcast-specific music licensing experience made for consumers, small businesses and creative professionals. A 20-year Microsoft veteran with experience as an engineer, architect, technology strategist and general manager, Kirt has worked on mobile productivity, real-time communications, multimedia systems, distributed security and operating systems. He is an accomplished inventor with 38 technology patents, as well as the owner and founder of Brick Lane Records, a Seattle independent music label.

EnterGain Presents CEO Entrepreneurship

10/14/21, 6:00 PM

Innovation and disruption continue for both rights holders and digital services. Executive recruiter and talent strategy firm EnterGain hosts this panel with emerging music companies. Meet these founders and C Suite leaders and hear how they staff up and operationalize their next big ideas.

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